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Before Books 1-3
Before the Killing_box-set_v2-1.jpg
Three gripping time-travel tales of love and murder…

BEFORE THE KILLING: 19-year-old Cassie returns to her home town in coastal Massachusetts after her first year away at college. The next day, her boyfriend, Julian, is implicated in a brutal killing.

Seven years later, a freak occurrence gives Cassie a unique time-traveling ability. She can cast her consciousness back to a younger version of herself, allowing her to re-live that earlier time with the benefit of foreknowledge. But in witnessing the truth, she inadvertently reveals herself to the killer, who begins to pursue her in past and present both.

BEFORE SHE WAS TAKEN: Twenty-five-year-old Rebecca Danser's life is a mess thanks to a heavy load of guilt she has carried since she was six and her younger sister Sadie disappeared on her watch.

But then she realizes the time-traveling ability she recently gained can be used to discover who took Sadie that fateful day. What she learns leads her into a remote forest in the Sierra Mountains… where the monster responsible for the destruction of her family lies in wait for her.

BEFORE HE VANISHED: Troubled by the growing sense she should be using her unique ability to save others who have gone missing, Rebecca takes up the case of an African-American boy who vanished one year ago.

Frustrated that police and media have made little effort to find 13-year-old Ethan Pitt or publicize his disappearance, she jumps back in time to discover what really happened. But tracing the boy’s actions prior to his vanishing proves much more challenging than Rebecca imagines. Her driving wish to save him sends her down a dangerous rabbit hole from which she may never emerge.
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