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Before He Vanished
Before He Vanished_v1b (1).jpg
A gripping new time travel mystery - Book Three of the BEFORE series.

In Book Two (Before She Was Taken), Rebecca Danser went back in time to seek her younger sister, who disappeared when they were children.

Troubled by the growing sense that she should be using her unique ability to save others who have gone missing, Rebecca becomes obsessed by the case of an African-American boy who vanished a year ago.

Frustrated that police and media have made little effort to find 13-year-old Ethan Pitt or publicize his disappearance, she jumps back in time to discover what really happened.

However, the case is complicated by a variety of suspects, including a predator who recruits young teens into his network of thieves, and other influential adults harboring their own dark secrets.

Tracing the boy’s actions prior to his vanishing proves much more challenging than Rebecca imagines. Her driving wish to save him sends her down a dangerous rabbit hole from which she may never emerge.

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