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Before She Was Taken
Before She Was Taken_v1b.jpg
A time-travel tale of abduction and redemption...

In 2019 California, a freak occurrence gives twenty-five-year-old Rebecca Danser the ability to cast her consciousness back into a younger version of herself, allowing her to re-live that earlier time with the benefit of foreknowledge.

Rebecca’s life is a mess because her younger sister, Sadie, disappeared on her watch when they were both children. At first, she uses her new power to avoid committing to a relationship, but after her father challenges her to fix her dead-end life, she gathers the courage to send her mind nineteen years into the past to her six-year-old self. Setting herself up to be kidnapped in place of her sister, she witnesses the abduction firsthand.

After returning to the present, Rebecca tracks the kidnapper’s current location, desperate to learn Sadie’s fate and save her if there’s any chance she’s still alive. It’s on her alone to solve the crime, since she has no proof she can present to the police. But her quest for justice and her own survival are threatened by the shocking circumstances she uncovers.

“This supernatural mystery will be enjoyed by a diverse array of readers." -The BookLife Prize




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