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Dead in the Room and Other Stories
DITR Cover.jpg
Ten award-winning short stories, two that were made into films. After Dead in the Room won the 2011 Slamdance Screenplay Contest, they produced the film starring Patrick J. Adams and Andrew Borba.

Included stories:
Run, My Dear: A mother hides her son—an escaped convict—while police search for him, but even he doesn’t know how far she will go to save him.
Beloved: A story told from the point of view of a whale struggling to survive.
Bleeding Edge: The grieving sister of a murdered woman finds her own life threatened when she uncovers clues the killer may have acted under the influence of a mysterious entity.
Time to Go: A mother finds a way to give her son hope for the future as an asteroid heads toward certain impact with earth.
Dearly Departed: April receives a rare chance to escape her unbearable existence and must act quickly or let the opportunity slip from her grasp.
Border Street Bridge: A 16-year-old girl tries to finish her bucket list before moving out of town.
Killing Fool: A woman tries to escape the clutches of a macabre April Fool’s Day killer.
Broken: A mysterious young man stalks a female shop-owner for an unknown reason.
Froggie: A young woman finds her frog prince... or does she?
Dead in the Room: A bored studio executive finds the tables turned on him when a psychotic writer forces him to pitch a good story or die.
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