A new book and a free book.


Gravenwood, the Dreadmarrow Thief sequel, is now available in ebook and paperback formats.

And Dreadmarrow Thief (ebook) is FREE for a limited time.


In the hope of providing entertainment to all those who are staying home these days, I’m offering the Dreadmarrow Thief ebook for free for some time—honestly I’m not sure how long—so take it while you can as there is no guarantee it will still be free next week. Follow the link above to get either the epub (ibooks, etc.) or mobi (kindle) version. You will have to sign up for my newsletter but you can drop it any time you wish if it becomes too annoying.

And if you enjoy Dreadmarrow Thief, you can continue on to Gravenwood, book two of the series, now officially published. The ebook is currently only $2.99 and paperback is $12.99. One of these days the ebook price is going to go up, but again, I’m not sure when.

If you already read Dreadmarrow Thief (or it’s not your cup of tea) but you know someone else who might enjoy it, please share the free link with them.

And stay healthy!

Marjory Kaptanoglu

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