Disrupting Drugstores

Warning: This blog post has nothing to do with books, film, or any aspect of writing. I am supposed to be working on my novel today but instead an idea came to me for how to disrupt drugstores in the U.S. I only mention the U.S. because I’m not familiar enough with drugstores in other parts of the world to suggest anything for them.

A pet peeve of mine is waiting in drugstores. If your doctor hasn’t called in your prescription and you are bringing it yourself, you must hand it over to the pharmacist and then wait for a minimum of 20 minutes while your prescription is prepared. Other things add on to the time, like waiting in line and waiting for insurance approval.

If your doctor HAS called in your prescription, more often than not they still don’t fill it till you actually show up and ask for it. In any case there will be delays as you wait in line, and then when they use their computer system which doesn’t seem to have been updated since 1980.

So here’s what an enterprising entrepreneur should do: start a new drugstore business that works as follows. The customer sends over a prescription either from the doctor’s office or by scanning the prescription on their phone. The drugstore keeps your credit card info just like Uber or Lyft or Airbnb or any other of the disruptor companies.

The drugstore texts you when the prescription is ready and paid for by their using your credit card on file. You can go to the drive-up window and they simply hand it through to you. If you want to consult with the pharmacist you need to go inside, but that’s up to you. Your prescription will still be ready and paid for.

There could also be a delivery service like Door Dash but that would cost extra.

If you work at a drugstore you’re probably thinking, but we make money from people shopping for other items while they wait. Sure, but you won’t make much money when all those people go to my new speedy drugstore instead of yours. Plus my drugstore will have much less overhead because it doesn't need much space.

I realize you can get drugs mail order, but I don’t think those deliver Same Day, do they? If so, that would work as well. When you have pneumonia you can’t wait another day to get your meds.

So that’s it, I hope someone gets on this right away so I can get back to work on my novel.

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