Above the Clouds

Marjory Kaptanoglu

Award-winning sci-fi/fantasy author

"A fresh, believable voice"

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Marjory Kaptanoglu’s “prose is crisp and purposeful, charged with feeling, and always attuned to what will engage readers in each moment.” (The BookLife Prize) Her YA fantasy DREADMARROW THIEF “celebrates life and love the way only the best fantasy tales can" (Kirkus) and kicks off THE CONJURER FELLSTONE TRILOGY (now complete). “Why not get all 3 at once?”

Marjory also writes adult sci-fi/fantasy. INVADER is a “rousing sci-fi thriller." (Publishers Weekly) The BEFORE series debuts on 1/10/21 with BEFORE THE KILLING, a time-travel tale of love and murder.


Fun fact #1: She was named the 2019 Literary Exhibitor of the Year by the California Writer’s Club / San Mateo County Fair. Fun fact #2: Marjory designed the text-editing software for early Macs at Apple Computer.



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